1. Every player must be a paid up, registered member of Swindon Manor Indoor Bowls Club and must agree to abide by these rules.
  2. All renewal subscriptions should be paid in advance (for the subsequent season) by the 1st April.
  3. A player can only play for one league team in each section and cannot transfer to another team in the same section during the current season.
  4. All players, whether playing in a league or casual games must conduct themselves in a manner that does not cause concern, upset or interference with other players or spectators. Any occurrence of this nature will be reviewed in committee.
  5. Firing is a legitimate shot in bowls but it can be dangerous. If a player intends to play a firing shot he/she should warn members of his/her team and the opposing team. He/she should also warn players on adjacent rinks and nearby spectators. Failure to do so resulting in injury will be reviewed by the committee.


  1. Skips will collect the rink fees and place the money in the wallet provided for their team and take it to the Duty Officers desk 5 minutes before the commencement of play.
  2. Skips must not remain at, or visit the head after the threes have bowled.
  3. Only the Skips are to be at the head until it is their turn to bowl.
  4. The home skip is responsible for correctly filling in the scorecard, ensuring that it is signed by both skips at the end of the game, and placed in the scorecard box on the day the game is played.
  5. The full name of team members must be included on the card before it is signed by the skips. If a team fails to record the names on the scorecard then that team will be advised and, if this occurs on any subsequent occasion, then 1 point will be deducted.


  1. SINGLE RINK LEAGUE Two points for a win, one to each team for a draw. Teams must register a minimum of 5 players.
  2. TRIPLES LEAGUE Two points for a win, one to each team for a draw. Teams must register a minimum of 4 players.
  3. MIXED RINK LEAGUE Two points for a win, one to each team for a draw. Teams must register a minimum of 2 men and 3 ladies, but a team may play any combination provided it’s mixed.


  1. In league and representative matches:- Ladies must wear grey skirts or trousers and white tops or SMIBC tops and if required plain green waistcoats. Tights are optional. Men must wear grey trousers, white tops or SMIBC tops, and if required a white pullover or cardigan. Footwear for LADIES and MEN to be approved bowling shoes. Failure to conform in either case will result in suspension after due warning.
  2. 4b In league & representative matches wearing any white top with another clubs badge is prohibited. Only the SMIBC Club badge is to appear on tops. Small detail piping on white tops, a members name & a small shirt manufacturer’s logo is allowed. Coloured panels are prohibited.
  3. In casual games, players must wear approved bowling shoes or flat-bottomed shoes with additional elasticated shoe covers. Covers are available at SMIBC. Bowling without wearing shoes is not allowed.


  1. Games are to consist of 18 ends for Rinks, 16 ends for Triples or 2 hours maximum and are to finish on the end in play when the bell rings. The end shall be deemed to have started when the jack has been rolled and centred. NO trial ends allowed.
  2. The front of the mat is to be placed at least 2 metres from the rear ditch and at least 25 metres from the front ditch and the jack is to be rolled and centred.
  3. If the delivered jack does not travel 23 metres, goes into the ditch or out of bounds of the rink, then the jack is to be placed by the opposing skip. The mat may be moved at the discretion of the opposing skip.
  4. Any team causing the jack to leave the confines of the rink or causing a rebounding jack to come to rest less than 20 metres, in a straight line from the front of the mat will, for a trial period of one season in all leagues, respot the jack on the 2 metre tee and continue play.
  5. All matches to start within 10 minutes after the hour without any penalty being incurred. A match starting 10-15 minutes after the hour will cause the offending team to lose 4 shots. If more than 15 minutes have elapsed the game is to be rearranged. Should a player be delayed en route, and with the agreement of the opposing skip, the start may be delayed further.
  6. Should only 3 players of a rink team be present, then the numbers 1 & 2 will play 3 woods each, and the team forfeit 25% of the total score. On a second occasion, 25% of the score will be forfeited and 1 point deducted in the event of a win. On subsequent occasions, 25% will be deducted and NO points awarded. 5g In the event of a match being stopped for any unforeseen reason and 8 or more ends have been played then the result will stand. If 8 ends have not been played then the match will be rearranged as if it were a cancelled game (see rule 6a) and no additional rink fees will be payable.
  7. If a player must leave the rink in the course of the game due to illness or other reasonable cause, and they cannot return within 10 minutes a substitute may be introduced provided both skips deem it necessary. The substitute may play in any position other than skip, and other team members may rearrange positions as necessary. 5i Other than in exceptional circumstances all games should be played on the day, and at the time and on the rink specified.
  8. The breaking of league playing rules could mean the loss of points or other sanctions at the discretion of the committee.

6.   Cancellation and Rearrangement of game.

  1. A game is formally cancelled by completing the appropriate notification slip and depositing it in the specially provided box (adjacent to the league tables board) prior to the event. A further notification slip to be put in the box when the rearranged date is confirmed. The skip/team responsible for the proposed change is responsible for completing the slip and obtaining opponents prior agreement. Confirmation of cancelled/replay dates will be displayed on the league tables notice board. – Skip/Team contacts in the handbook.
  2. Rearranged games to be played as soon as practicable.
  3. Any team not fulfilling a fixture due to insufficient players attending will have a 4 shot penalty applied at the start of the rearranged game.
  4. Any team not arriving on the day and time of their match will default the game and be liable for ALL rink fees. Opponents of a defaulting team will be awarded 2 points and a 7-0 shots win provided a scorecard is submitted to that effect.
  5. Should a defaulting team fail to pay any outstanding rink fees or default on a second occasion in a season, their league status will be reviewed by the committee. A defaulting team may lose their league place.
  6. Any team cancelling 3 or more fixtures will be subject to review by the committee. If a satisfactory explanation can be provided then no action will be taken. If the explanation is considered unsatisfactory then the offending team could be subject to sanction.


  1. All league match complaints or disputes must be reported to the Secretary in writing within 7 days of the relevant match. Once the scorecard has been signed by both skips then, at the discretion of the committee, the signed for result will Stand.
  2. Any other complaint or dispute referred to the committee, either verbal or written will be given due consideration. A verbal report will be given a verbal response and a written report will be given a written response.
  3. Matters relating to complaints, disputes and discipline will be dealt with by application EIBA discipline procedure. A copy of this document will be posted on the SMIBC notice board at the start of the season.
  4. For interpretation of, or any issue not covered by, the existing club rules, enquiries should be addressed in writing to the club secretary. After consideration by the committee, the decision made will be final subject to any appropriate appeal.

8.    Alteration of Rules.

Alteration or addition to any of the foregoing rules shall be made only at the Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting convened for that purpose, and 1 month’s notice of the terms of such alteration or addition must be given to the Secretary.


  1. EACH team taking part in the league must send at least one representative to the AGM, this member can also represent more than one team if playing in other leagues. This will allow your team to participate the following season without penalty. Failing to do this will result in a 2 points deduction from each team not represented at the AGM.
  2. When bowling sessions are listed as “casual” and “casual coaching” there will be no booking for any bowling rinks made or accepted during those times for any reason.