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Unfortunately the roof gulley has not yet been cleared and the Club will not be open next week (Sept 18th – Sept 22nd) for casual bowling.  It may also mean that the Club could still be closed during the following week when we were offering free roll ups (Sept 25th – Sept 29th), but hopefully it will be open for the start of the league season on 2nd October.

Please keep an eye on your emails and you will be updated as soon as there is any news as to when we can start bowling.

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Scaffolding was  erected outside front and back, and also internally.  Internal scaffolding was needed a safety measure for those working on the roof.

SBC  came on 4th September to clear the gulley which should have taken  4 hours.  They found that the scaffolders had not put any scaffolding from the roof down to the gulley so they could not get access to the gulley to do the work.  SBC said that this scaffolding was asked for.

I spoke to the scaffolders who said that they were not asked for the scaffolding down to the gulley.  They further stated that as the roof contains asbestos they have to go to a specialist design company to design the layout of the scaffolding required to get to the gulley.

I complained to a management contact at SBC who emailed me today and said that it was hoped to have the design  received  within the next two days and the extra scaffolding erected by the end of this week. (have my doubts). Also they cannot book the guttering team until the scaffolding has been erected. It will be dealt with  as a priorty.  When the gulley has been cleared the internal scaffolding will be removed first.


Richard Moody

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